The development of software is a lot like managing construction projects.
Scope, schedule, risk, team, and cost all play a role and must be actively managed. Below are some highlights about how we approach software development given the added benefit of construction backgrounds.


We integrate our solutions with existing workflows. Our game engine solutions are integrated with Autodesk Revit and our work relies on using and outputting PDF’s, which are a critical part of our industry.


We use innovation to leverage the best available technologies. We work with clients to meet their innovation goals, including adapting our products to meet their future needs.


In all of our software development - both directly for our clients and as we develop our own products - we follow “Minimum Viable Product” thinking to prove, test, and validate value.


We believe in planning. Our experience in Lean methodologies is combined with existing Agile approaches to software development. This means our work is planned, structured, and measured.