We practice innovation. That means we look outside the AEC industry for products, platforms, methods, and models that can be applied to our industry.

We integrate non-AEC technology into the industry-standard technology stack.

This includes game engines, machine learning, and open source code using developers from both inside and outside the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. We value both digital automation and the rich interaction from people, often combining them to create amazing tools.

As construction professionals and software developers, we create digital tools that solve industry challenges.

Innovation is typified as a light bulb.

But innovation is much more complicated than simply identifying an opportunity. Innovation is the process of converting a unique concept into value through a managed process. This takes practice. We get better each day at identifying opportunities for innovation, describing the intended future value, and using project management to achieve goals.

What built environment challenges are we tackling?

We have clients who are revolutionizing prefabrication and we’re supporting them with the automation of detailed drawings. We’re creating new environments to revolutionize how we model and coordinate building systems. And we’re using machine learning to tackle how we estimate projects, so specialty contractors are more competitive and win more work.